About Us

Thomson Tiles is a manufacture of Terracotta building products. The company manufactures a large variety of Roofing Tiles, Flooring Tiles, Hollow Bricks, Jolly Bricks and other Accessories and special products as per customer requests.

Thomson Tiles does not compromise on quality and has earned the name and trust of customers through the quality of its products. The Company procure clay from own clay fields and thus maintain consistency in the quality of the products. Seasoned clay coupled with Innovation, Modernization and Diversification of products on a regular basis has always made Thomson Tiles a market leader in the industry.

Thomson Tiles has been recognized by the Kerala State Government for its contribution towards developing and implementing new methods for energy conservation in the production process and the company was awarded Kerala State Energy Conservation Award for two consecutive years 2002/03 and 2003/04.

To cater the demand of the customers the company has a strong dealership network in India. The company has also supplied its quality products to customers across the globe.

Managing Partner

The present Managing Partner Mr. K.C. Thomas, has a proven record of 40 years in this field. Under his leadership the company has undergone continuous improvement expansion, modernization and diversification at different stages. The company has achieved tremendous progress during this period and he has proven his presence in the industry.

Mr. Thomas in his capacity as the Managing Partner of the company is the President of Federation of All India Earthen Tile Manufacturer’s (FAIETM), member of All Kerala Tile Manufacturers Federation and Vice President of Central Kerala Tile Manufacturer’s Association. Mr. Thomas has interests in Plantation and Hotel Industries as well.